Pinball Hall of Fame Las Vegas NV

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If you’re a fan of the old classic pinball games. This is the place for you. There are lights and whistles and bells and everything you can remember from the good early pinball era. If you want to get away from it all but still like a challenge, the PHoF has more than enough machines to challenge those itchy fingers of yours.

Comprising of over 10,000 square feet crammed full of restored pinball machines, they have the world’s most extensive collection on show and for playing. You can call it an interactive museum of the most enjoyable time, and as it is non-violent, it can be just the place to take the kids for a few hours.

No matter what you spend your money on here, the PHoF is registered as a non-profit charity, so those coins you slip into the slot will all go to a good cause.

Fun, Fun, Fun

That’s what it’s all about in the PHoF. If you glance around at the other family’s they are jumping up and down and cheering. Just like it used to be in the pinball era in Las Vegas, or any other part of the country. Man against themachine, pinball was one of the real tests to see if you could beat that record which was proudly displayed before you.

From the looks on the player’s faces, you can see they are enjoying it more than shoving coins in the slots, they are no longer a slot zombie, and they’ve ventured out into the sun and are having a whale of a time.

The PhoF even has windows and a clock, no more wondering about the time and shoving another coin in the slot. Here you get a bowl full of fun. Go on admit it, you want to get those old fingers slamming on the buttons, watching the paddles flick that ball. Up down around and around.


Las Vegas History

Tim Arnold made his money away from Las Vegas and moved here in 1990. For whatever reason Tim wanted to give something back, and after some discussions with the Salvation Army, the PhoF sprung into life.

None profit and everything works, making money for profit isn’t a mantra that is used here. If you want a few hours fun. Real Fun, the fun you used to have. Venture to the Pinball Hall of Fame Las Vegas NV for an out and out blast. Make sure you don’t lay the blame on them when your kids are saying they want a pinball.


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