Tree Relocation Service

An arborist cutting a tree with a chainsaw


The process of tree location at its most basic is to dig the tree up and move it to another location and place it in another hole.

In practice, it is more involved and can change depending on the type of tree in question.

There is also a lot of specialist equipment required for a tree relocation service once the tree is over a specific size.


Specialist Tree Location Machinery

If there is a large tree which requires relocating, then specialist machinery can make this job possible. This is done by using hydraulic tree spades which take out a lot of the physical effort.

The professional arborists from Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros are well versed and experienced in using any necessary equipment which can make the removal of a tree a success.


Best Time of Year to Relocate Vegas Trees

Summer might appear to be an ideal time when to relocate a tree. However the perfect time is actually when the tree is dormant,and the ground conditions are right. This gives the tree chance to make full use of the warmer weather once the spring comes, and it also allows the roots to create a firmer footing for heavy winds which might approach.


Some Trees Hate Being Moved

There are some species of tree which don’t mind being relocated, but there are trees which don’t take too kindly to the upheaval.

Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros have arborists who are fully experienced in relocating all variety of trees, and also ones which are best left alone unless it is essential they are relocated.


Basic Steps in Tree Location

  • Ensure there are time and the budget required to transplant the tree in a careful manner.


  • A tree losesa significant amount of its rooting system during relocation. Before moving it should be well-hydrated before any relocation process begins.
  • When the tree is uprooted, the crown should be tied up as much as possible. This reduces limb breakage during any move.
  • The tree should be wrapped in a tarp to reduce moisture loss and wind damage.
  • The tree should be watered as soon as possible after relocation. This is important due to the smaller root structure.
  • Proper tree care and inspection for insect damage should be performed, and this would be the final step in professional tree relocation services in Las Vegas.


Any tree relocation should be performed by professional arborists. It doesn’t only require the tree to be removed from one area, but the area it is going to needs to be ideal, and somewhat similar to the one it has come from.

At this point, Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros recommend a pest and fertilization program for up to 2 years after a tree relocation service has been performed until the roots are again established.