Best Trees for Las Vegas


Maintaining Palm Trees In The Vegas Valley

When homeowners take up landscaping projects, they wish to include trees. These are chosen for their overall beauty as well as being hardy enough to survive in the local Las Vegas climate.

On top of this, the one most useful benefit of adding trees to any Las Vegas area is to offer shade.

There are many tree varieties which offer shade such as Maples and Willows, but they just won’t cope with the local conditions.

Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros recommend the following 5 varieties apart from palm trees, which can provide plenty of shade, and have adapted well to the Las Vegas climate. Secondly, to this, they are fast growing so you won’t have to wait too long before you can enjoy this shade.


Bottle Trees

The Bottle Tree (BrachychitonPopulneus) is actually a native tree of Australia. This makes it ideal for the local climate. It can be grown close to the home and will provide shade all summer. It is fast growing and grows to a moderate size.

As a sapling, it isn’t the hardiest but only requires deep watering occasionally in its first few years.


Sweet Acacia

This is the best variety of Acacia for the Las Vegas region to provide shade from its 30ft growing height. Because it spreads, it is ideal for giving shade to entrances or patios.

The Sweet Acacia (Acacia Smallii) gives dappled light and bright puffball flowers which when dried don’t create a lot of debris around your yard.

Early on, they do have small thorns, so these should be planted well away from a path, but when grown the thorns are out of reach.



The Sissoo (Dalbergiasissoo) is a rarity in the Vega heat because it provides a green deciduous succulent appearance, and is also an evergreen. Once grown, the leaves which give the impression of an Aspen tree, form a dense round canopy and are ideal to be grown in a line. These are drought tolerant and require minimal watering.

Chilean Mesquite

The Chilean Mesquite(Prosopischilensis) isn’t the only Mesquite variety you can choose, and isn’t evergreen,so the flowers and seeds will leave some debris at certain times.

Because of this, it is excellent to use in planted beds, or as Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros recommend, in Xeriscape areas so the falling organic matter can be used as mulch.



The Tipu (TipuanaTipu) initially comes from South America and provides any Vegas homeowner with beautiful golden flowers and shading foliage. Branches twist and turn while curving upward and leave space toward the bottom of the tree.

This makes it fantastic to plant around paths or patios, and if plated around 20ft from the home its 20ft to 40ft height can provide cooling shade over two-story dwellings.


Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros are fully experienced in the planting and care of all trees of this nature while also being experts in regular palm tree care. No matter what trees you decide to have around your yard. Their professionals give the best advice on what can go where, and where a home can gain the best benefit.