What Pests Can Infect Garden Trees In Las Vegas?

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One of the biggest problems with trees is as they age, they make ideal homes for a hoard of different kinds of living things. If left untreated, this can cause damage to trees, and in severe cases, branches can drop, or the entire tree becomes compromised.

Adding to this, these things can spread around a garden and ruin lots of other plants as they spread. Here we will look at What Pests Can Infect Garden Trees In Las Vegas? And how you can go about resolving the issue.

Beetles are a Major Tree Threat in Las Vegas

There are so many types of beetles; it is hard to distinguish one from the other in terms of damage to trees. The different beetles can attack trees in different ways, so one problem for one tree can be different from another.

Many tree professionals in las Vegas see the destruction these beetles cause when they bore into the bark, the limbs of the tree, and also into the roots. Once they are under this, they start laying eggs, which causes further damage and them ultimately, the death of the tree.

Any tree owners who see signs their trees are not doing so well should call a local tree service company in Las Vegas so they can give the tree a check as well as surrounding shrubs and bushes.

Spider Mites are Small and Lethal

To know if you have spider mites, it will take the help of your local Las Vegas arborist. The only physical way you can tell is by leaves yellowing, yet other issues can cause this. Spider mites feed off the sap they find on the underside of leaves.

Because they have fast reproduction rates, you can have an infestation before you know there is a problem.

Las Vegas tree care services are the only way you can be sure you never encounter these over long periods.

Aphids Kill and Move On

It may take an aphid longer to kill a tree than it does a plant, yet the process is the same. They feed in packs or clusters on the sap of the tree. As they do this, they secrete sticky fluids as part of the process. Leaves curl, and this is the first and possible only sign you have an aphid problem.

If you see leaves curling in your trees, call your local Las Vegas arborist and tree surgeon as soon as possible so they can hopefully remedy the problem.

Where to Find the Right Las Vegas Tree Care Pros?

If you think you have any issue with any insects, or you want to be sure all your trees are in the best condition, you should contact Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros. For decades, we have been helping rid gardens of pest infestations and making sure trees are tended to and cared when they need it most.