Can Arborists Tell if My Trees Have Pests or Disease?

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You may see your trees are not in the healthy condition they were. You may see they are getting plenty of water and nutrients, yet they are still looking drab and unhealthy. Many homeowners see this and think about calling the pros to check over their trees to find out what the issue is.

So, “Can arborists tell if my trees have pests or disease?”

To an untrained eye, the symptoms of pests and disease can appear to be the same. Before you call your local Las Vegas tree service, read on to find out more about deciphering the symptoms. You may not be able to help, yet you will know what the professional tree company is talking about.


Do leaves have spots?

This one symptom delivers plenty of insight into the problem. Depending on the color of the spots, be it tan or white, then you more than likely have a pest problem. If you see spots that are orange, black yellow or brown, then you are more likely to have a diseased tree.

If there are not many spots, then you may be catching the problem early. Yet at the sign of any, it is better to call your Las Vegas tree care pro.


Sticky residue on the leaves

It may appear to be a disease. However, when you have a sticky substance covering your leaves, it is an insect issue. Aphids love trees and eat the leaves, stems, and sap from inside the tree. As they eat the leaves, they leave small droplets of a sticky substance they call “Honeydew.”

You can see these insects, yet they are very small. If your leaves are wilting or falling, then it is another sign, you have an aphid infestation.


Abnormal growths on my Las Vegas trees

Most growths that occur on trees are fungal. Some minor ones don’t harm trees, yet if these are large, they can damage the bark of the tree. Ones that cause this are growths that grow in a horseshoe shape. These will be hard and colored gray. If they grow too much, they will affect the bark growth in that area and will need removal, as trees require bark for protection against pests and the weather.

Any bark that begins peeling away leaves the tree exposed, and it does compromise the safety of your tree in the long term.

Finding a Good Las Vegas Arborist

There are many more pest and disease-related symptoms, yet unless you are in the industry, you may find it hard to know which is which.

If you see anything you think may be either a pest or a disease, you need to contact Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros. They know about every disease and pest that can affect trees in the city and surrounding areas.

If you leave it too long, it can be the case of falling branches on a home, or a pest infestation you wish you never had.