How Do You Care For Las Vegas Palms Trees?

Maintaining Palm Trees In The Vegas Valley

Palm trees can make anyone’s garden or workplace look nice. They are one of the signatures in Las Vegas.

What can be hard for the ones who don’t know is how to tell the difference, and how to care for the various types.

Here we see, how do you care for Las Vegas palm trees?

Four Types of Palm trees in Las Vegas

In the region, there are four primary types of a palm tree, you will see. Here are the main ones:

  • Mexican Fan Palms– Slender Trunks but may grow over 75 feet in height.
  • California Fan Palms– Larger diameters than Mexican Fan Palms, yet don’t grow as tall.
  • Canary Date Palms– Shorter growers but come with large, bushy fronds.
  • Date Palms–Has trunks around 18 inches in diameter and can grow around 60 feet.

How To Care For Palms

You have to take care of each type of tree a little differently.  With the Mexican Fan Palm, as an example, this type of tree can support a more drastic pruning.  You will usually perform pruning from the 10 o’clock position to 2 o’clock. You must, ensure to leave sufficient fronds to maintain the health of the tree.

California Fan Palms do require some extra caution because fronds and seedpods will grow more substantial. It is advisable to call in the Las Vegas professional tree services to do this in case of any harm or injury.

With the Canary Date Palms, you have to prune in early May and to early June.  If you prune much earlier, they grow stronger, and they will develop new stocks of dates and cause a mess in your garden.  Pruning later, the fruit is ripe and makes pruning more difficult.

The date palm is most sensitive to pruning.  If you trim these palms too much, you will harm the tree. If all this sounds too complicated, then remember it is easy to call your local tree professionals to do this for you.

Where are the Best Palm Companies in Las Vegas

It isn’t as hard as you think to find the best arborists to care for your trees. With countless decades of experience, you can save your time searching and head directly to the number one palm care company in the region.Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros can care for trees throughout their life, and when the time comes, they can remove these from your yard without danger or damage.