Helicopter Tour and Skywalk, Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas NV Cityscape At Night


If you want to take a full day excursion and are looking for something compelling to do, a helicopter tour and a walk over the famous skywalk might just be the thing for you.

There is no better combination of things to do, and there is more involved depending on which helicopter company you choose. Without giving any names away, this tour has to be one of the best going.

Las Vegas Helicopter Tour

This tour combines three of the most incredible sightseeing opportunities you can think of, and they are three of the most popular tourist activities which are available at Grand Canyon West.

You first have the opportunity of a scenic chopper ride from the Las Vegas area and out toward the Hoover Dam. Pass over here and then across the vast expanse of water that is the famous Lake Mead. The water goes on and on, and after you have soaked up the scale of what lies beneath you, you are whisked back and then down into the depths of the Grand Canyon.

After looking up at where you have descended from a waiting pontoon boat will ferry you down the Colorado River where you can soak up the sights from this alternative form of travel. Bobbing along on the flowing waters, you have the opportunity of witnessing the ancient stone walls that have stood for who knows how many years.

After your brief river experience, you are ferried back to your chopper for the second part of your never to be forgotten trip to Las Vegas NV.


Look Skywalker

Back inside your helicopter, you ascend the 4000ft to the Grand Canyon Rim where an express shuttle is waiting to take you to the “grand finale” of your trip. Before you reach the world famous Skywalk which is situated in the Hualapai Indian Reservation you have time for a bite to eat.

This engineering feat is hard to believe, you stand 70ft away from the rim of the Grand Canyon behind you, and the other side is 2 miles away. If you dare to look down through the glass you are standing on, the bed of the Canyon is 2000ft away.

You might be concerned that the Skywalk has a few tourists making the most of the views, yet strength was never a problem for the Skywalk. If they would fit, the Skywalk can hold the weight of a dozen loaded Boeing 747’s which is nothing short of amazing, and a relief.

When you arrive with this trip, you have a VIP pass, so you have no line to join to marvel at the Skywalk or your surroundings, or if you look at it, nothing surrounds you apart from space.

After this and your complimentary Skywalk photo, you are ready to board your helicopter and make your flight back to Las Vegas. For sure you will never forget the day, and secondly, your legs might have stopped shaking by the time you get back to your hotel. If you want an exhilarating day, there is nothing else like this anywhere.

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