Tree Stump Removal in Las Vegas

Tree Maintenance Las Vegas NV

One of the major resort cities with nightlife and entertainment for all is Las Vegas. Not only does it host commercial and financial centers it has a hot desert climate. However, with the warm climate, it has a vast selection of trees to brighten up the city. Furthermore, there are many trees cut down around the city.

Maybe you have a stump in your yard that needs removing and know what a difficult process it is. Now is the right time to call in a tree stump removal in Las Vegas. They can help lighten the job. No matter what your reason might be for safety, landscaping, to adding space, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Nevertheless, how does a place like Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros remove the tree stump on your property, let us find out?

Methods Used to Remove a Tree Stump

The first thing we will look at is the age and size of the stump to determine how to remove it. The smaller the tree base, the easier it is to remove compared to a more mature one. Maybe you want something else in its place and need a quick solution. Here are common ways that we remove tree stumps from your premises:

Digging The Stump Out By Hand

Removing the stump by hand is one of the oldest methods to rid your property of the tree base. We have the correct tools to get the job done. For the task, we use a pick mattock, ax, digging bar, chainsaw, chain, and a truck with four-wheel drive. We start by removing all the branches with a chainsaw. Then we cut the top section with an ax depending on how high the stump is standing. Now we take the shovel, pick mattock, and digging bar to loosen the ground around it and expose the roots. With the ax, we cut the roots and keep pushing it until the stumps uprooted. Once dug up, we use the chain and truck to pull it out.

Chemical Remover

Using a chemical remover and killer needs a professional hand. Our crew is specialized to work with dangerous chemicals such as potassium nitrate. We will use a drill, ax, shovel, hot water, potassium nitrate, and scrap wood. This is a long-term process of up to six weeks. The steps are as follows:

  • Our artisans use a chainsaw to remove the upper part of the stump.
  • They will drill a one-inch hole on the sides and the upper surface at 45-degrees until the holes meet up.
  • We will pour the potassium nitrate into the holes and fill it up with hot water.
  • Now the waiting process starts, as we need to wait for the stump to become spongy.
  • Once this happens, we come back and use an ax to break and remove it.

Another method that is similar to the chemical method is burning the stump. We use the same method the only difference is there is only are holes drilled in the center of the stump. The holes filled halfway with potassium nitrate and topped with water to let the substance dissolve. Now the scrap wood placed on the top is lit up with a lighter to burn. The remaining pieces we break away with a shovel and fill the hole with soil.

Decomposing the Tree Stump

The procedure of decomposing is similar to the chemical method, and we use a drill, water, and Nitrogen substance. Our team will drill deep holes into the base of the tree and fill it up with the substance. Then we will pour water into the holes, and once it starts to soften, we fragment it with the ax. Once removed, we fill the holes with soil.

Mechanical Grinder Tree Stump Removal

With this method, it takes a day but does need a log of big equipment and safety measures in place. We use a mattock or shovel to clear all the stone around the base of the tree for safety reasons. Then we take the chainsaw to cut the stump off as far as possible. Now we take the grinder at the lowest part and start grinding from side to side. The methods repeated until the stump is about 4-inches below the ground.

These are some popular tree stump removal procedures used and best to contact us if you do want to avoid accidents. The costs vary for each method, and we can provide you with a free estimate. Contact us today to have your tree stump removed professionally and fast.