What Untreated Pests Can Cause Issues in Las Vegas Trees

Pruning Trees Las Vegas Nevada
Pruning Trees Las Vegas Nevada

If you have multiple trees in your garden, you can find some pest infestations; if left untreated, cause severe damage. Spotting potential pest problems early help prevent severe tree damage. Professional Las Vegas tree services have the expertise to identify and treat pest problems swiftly.

If you have questions, read on, and you can learn what untreated pests can cause issues in Las Vegas trees?

Aphid Infestations Need Las Vegas Tree Specialists

Aphids are tiny insects that come in a variety of colors and vary in size. They feed off trees and new plant growth by sucking sap from the tree. As a result, they secrete a sticky fluid in the process, causing leaves to curl.

Aphids breed rapidly and continue feeding until they kill the plant and move to the next source of food. You may spot leaves curling, depending on your tree, and you should contact your local Las Vegas tree services to attend to this infestation.

Spider Mites Are Difficult to Spot in Las Vegas Trees Until it’s Too Late

Spider mites are active during dry, dusty summers that they love. They are tiny arachnids and feed off sap from the underside of tree leaves. You will struggle to see them, and as they breed quickly, you will have an infestation before you see any sign.

Leaves yellow and has a silk-like webbed substance between them when you have an infestation. You will need comprehensive Las Vegas tree care services to resolve this issue.

Tree Beetles and Borers Can Kill Your Las Vegas Trees

Numerous types of beetles are deemed threats to Las Vegas trees. Each attacking trees in their specific ways. Tree-killing beetles pierce the bark, tree branches, and also roots, where they lay eggs, thus causing a variety of damage and possible death to the tree.

The best Nevada tree service company can offer tree care plans to help keep trees healthy. This is done by the removal and destruction of infested branches. Tree borers like some beetles lay eggs in a tree and then chew through the bark and roots. Trees become weak as the correct transfer of water and nutrients is disrupted.

After a time, any chewed areas may break off. It is easy to spot borer infestations from the small holes in trunks or branches, and tiny piles of a sawdust-like powder can be seen. Like the above, premium Las Vegas tree services can prevent borers by routine tree care services. To make sure your trees are clear of any infestation, you can contact Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros. With a regular inspection, you can maintain healthy trees, which pose no threat to your home or family.