How Do I Know if My Trees are Sick in Las Vegas?

Maintaining A Tree In The Vegas Valley

It may not be easy for a regular person to spot disease in a tree unless all the leaves are falling off, and it looks sick. Most homeowners usually have sketchy ideas about what to look for when they check trees for disease and will ask. “How do I know if my trees are sick in Las Vegas?”

Being careful to check your trees’ condition, as well as learning the signs of disease and illness, can be very helpful. However, even if you can spot the symptoms, not everyone can learn how to care for them, or if the disease is too much, how to get rid of a tree.

Read on, and you’ll learn four ways you can tell if your tree is sick, giving you a basic idea of what condition your trees are in.

Inspecting the Tree Bark

The status of a tree’s bark may provide clear indications of your tree’s health and any unhealthy signs are generally easy to spot. You should spend some time carefully examining the tree’s bark for fungus, patches that may look damaged, crevices, or flaky sections.

Fungus and chipped spotting can indicate rot, whereas cracks may indicate a fragile and unsteady tree. A healthy bark will generally feel flexible and soft, with about the same amount of coverage on the surface of the trunk. By contrast, you can see a diseased tree by examining if the bark is brittle or peeling.

Problems with Roots in Las Vegas Trees

The roots are another indicator of possible disease in your tree. If these are visible, examine the tree’s roots, mainly if they are waterlogged, saturated, or display signs of fungal growth. You may also tell if the roots are damaged if the tree has a significant slant.

In these situations, you will more than likely need the assistance of a skilled arborist or tree removal company. If a tree leans too far, there will be a chance it falls.

Leaves are One of the First Signs

Falling leaves are one of the first signs there are issues. If these fall when they should be growing, such as spring or summer, it is a clear sign, there is something wrong with your tree.

Checking Branches and Twigs

Examination of the branches and twigs of a tree can also provide a strong indication that there may be a disease. Do you have stripped branches, dead branches, or branches showing dead leaves? These are sure signs of a sick or diseased tree. You may also want to try breaking off a twig from a branch and breaking it open to check the color inside. Bright green indicates the tree is healthy, while a dull green suggests the tree is alive but aging. If the inside is black or brown, it means a dead branch. If you have trees, and you need to know if they are sick or healthy, or if you need trees tending to. Contact Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros. The experts can help you out, or they can help remove a dying tree from your garden.