The Role of Shrubs and Cactus

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In a desert landscape, there is nothing better than a splash of color, and one of the best ways of doing this is by adding shrubs and cacti to your garden.

Along with looking nice, they do serve other purposes and are grown for more reasons than just looking pretty.


Desert Plants

These shrubs and cactus can thrive much better than none native species and grass. Although they still need watering, they can survive on less and can drastically reduce water waste.

Another benefit is they tighten up the soil,so dust is kept to a minimum when high winds pick up at certain times of the year.

Cacti will remain healthy and grow for many years with little maintenance. They can be a great addition to any garden that requires little effort for it to staylooking its best. These types of plants also need very little pruning compared to other plants, and a lot of them grow upward rather than outward. This means they can naturally act as a windbreak when they reach adult height.

Deterring Pests

There are many types of cactus, which have thorns. If these are planted around your boundary, they can prevent any annoying intruders, so they double as a security measure. There are not many intruders, who would fancy trying to make their way through a row of thorny cactus.

There are a few cacti, which animals tend not to like the taste of, so a few of these scattered around your garden will deter them from wanting to eat your other plants and shrubs.



These types of plants can help reinforce the soil to prevent erosion, and do so in a better way than cactus. Although they do take a little more care, they can help retain moisture in the soil by providing shade.

Some shrubs which are strategically placed can shade windows in your home from bright sunlight without looking unsightly and without posing the same hazards as trees, which might be planted in the same vicinity.

One other area where some specific shrubs can help around the garden is by fending off insects. The likes of mosquitoes are fended off by their natural fragrances that will flood your yard. These are great to have positioned around a pool so you can have insect free swimming in the garden pool.


A garden that has a supply of these plant types can last all year round and takes little maintenance. They help prevent soil erosion, and they can be a welcome addition to aiding the growth of other plants that aren’t as hardy to the hot weather.

Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros can quickly run through ay landscaping ideas, and give advice on which are the best cacti and shrubs to place around your property.