My Day In Las Vegas

Las Vegas NV The Famous Sign

Not every day has to be the same in Vegas, and I was sure to make sure one of them was very different. After a quick dip in the pool and a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we decided on two think to fill the day before venturing back closer to the strip for some evening entertainment.

First on the roster was some high-speed action, so we ventured just south of the strip to SPEEDVEGAS, this was a high-speed thrill in some of the most expensive, and fastest cars on the planet.

Although it is not the cheapest of events, it is one of that one of a kind experience, and a good win on the slots makes the cost a little less of an expense.

We toyed between the exotic package and the muscle car package. Exotic won hands down. A few laps in both A Lamborghini and a Jaguar and we had our thrill for speed more than satisfied until I saw the McLaren 570’s. That one put the icing on my cake.


One the Adrenalin had settled, we made our way back to the hotel for a quick change and were ready to be picked up for our Grand Canyon Helicopter tour. If you are gonna, have a view of everything, what better way to do it than from a chopper.

This took us around 4-5 hours to complete all in and was a mind-blowing experience. Flying over the Colorado River and up and over the Hoover Dam then across the expanse of Lake Mead, we finally landed deep in the Canyon and snacks and champagne or two to celebrate the event. Although it was not a trip for kids, (FAA Regulations) it was well worth it for the experience and the rare photo opportunities you can have.

Once again reaching back to the restaurant, we changed to something a little more suitable for a trip to a Cirque du Soleil show. Spoilt for choice as they perform several around the strip, we decided on the Mystere show at the Treasure Island.

It was easy to see why these performers are the best in the world, and what a way to top off an adrenalin fueled day. We were treated to a music-filled adventure of athletics and fun, the acrobatics and balancing that they perform are incredible. The best seat is well worth the asking price as you want to make sure you see everything they do up close. It is a great show and made us wonder what difference the other shows would be. We might have to sample one of those another day.

Once the show had finished, we were ready for a late dinner. That was a difficult choice as we had so much to choose from. A lighter meal was calledfor, so we opted for a stroll down Fremont Street to just visit some of the food carts and walk in awe at the overhead lights that are shown each day.

It undoubtedly was a fun packed day and one that will not quickly be forgotten. However, for now it is back to the hotel, and a quick go on the slots before bedtime. Who knows, tomorrow may be as fun packed as today was.

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