What Questions Should I Ask My Local Las Vegas Tree Company?

Tree Surgeon Pruning A Tree

Is it finally time to remove a tree from your garden? Or do you have other things you require? Tree companies are on hand to assist in removing unwanted, dead, or dying trees and stumps. Or they can help maintain meticulous gardening by pruning and trimming.

Tree removal companies in Las Vegas often carry out the following:

  • Overall tree maintenance
  • Stump removal and grinding
  • Pruning and trimming
  • Many more

When deciding on one of these tree removal companies, there are many things overlooked. Here you can find the answers to “What questions should I ask my local Las Vegas tree company?” While often forgotten, they can be some of the most important.

Does Your Las Vegas Tree Company Have Insurance?

A tree removal company will nearly always hire skilled workers. Tree removal isn’t something you can do without these skills because it will quickly be spotted.

However, having liability insurance is a different matter. Any Las Vegas arborist firm needs liability insurance. There is all manner of health and property risks that need covering. Add to this; they have their workers to consider never mind anyone they are performing a stump grinding or tree removal for. This worker’s compensation insurance is a must.

One final thing here is licenses; it will be illegal for any tree removal firm to carry out this kind of work without the correct permits in place.

Does Your Tree removal Company Carry Out Safe Practices?

Pruning and trimming trees may appear to be easy; however, once these workers scale trees, they can be using large handheld saws, chainsaws, or the fierce stump grinders that chew anything they touch. Insurance is of little use unless they use professional tree removal staff to carry out these functions.

OSHA offers safe trimming practices that all firms should follow.

One thing that is worthy of note is if there is any call for insurance to be used. Many insurance companies will not keep up their side if they find, this question of safe trimming practices wasn’t asked of the tree removal company.

Finding a Las Vegas Tree Removal Company Which has Everything in Place

Once you begin asking companies if they have all of the above in place, never mind any permits or other things they have to follow. You can find some drop out and make an excuse about why they are unable to help. However, Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros have been doing all manner of stump removal and tree pruning for over two decades. All the staff is well aware of the safety practices they need to follow. For homeowners or businesses, they can be assured they have the most reliable tree removal company working in their yard.