Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower

 Las Vegas NV Landmark

If you’re after a thrill a minute in Vegas, the Stratosphere is one place you will find them. From an all-around view of Las Vegas, NV and as far as your eyes can see. To the three white-knuckle rides that are sure to scare the living daylights out of you.


Wild Rides in Las Vegas

The Big Shot – get shot 160ft into the sky and then free fall at a whopping 4Gs. 160ft may not sound very high, yet this is on top of the 921-foot tall tower.

Insanity – this has got to be the craziest ride anywhere in Las Vegas NV. Become suspended out over a 900ft drop below you. If that wasn’t enough, you get spun at 3G’s.

X-Scream – a huge teeter-totter that sits over 800ft in the air. Hang on tight as you get shot out 27ft over the top of Las Vegas.


360 Degrees

The tower stands way above anything else in Las Vegas. And what better way to see all the delights below you than enjoying a meal at the restaurant that offers a full 360-degree view of the Vegas lights.

If you’re after a little night-life up in the clouds, the Air Bar might be the hottest ticket in town. With all the vibes you can wish for, and Sat sipping one of the Stratosphere’s signature cocktails. Sit within an arm’s reachand keep an eye on adrenaline junkies taking their leap of faith

If you want to kick back a little after all the fun, you can make a trip into the 107 Sky Lounge. Settle in and savor a once in a lifetime sunset from in the clouds. You’ll know they’ll never look the same again. The music isa little more sedate and coming from the in-house DJ. If you’re feeling a little hungry, appetizers come courtesy of the Top of the World restaurant where your evening began.

Once you’re ready, you can hit the lower floors and try your luck at the tables or the slots. No matter how you spend your evening in Stratosphere, there is no other place like it in Las Vegas.


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