Trees You’ll Find in Las Vegas

Transplanting A Tree In Vegas With Tree Spade

You thought Las Vegas was all about the glitz and glam of bright lights. Wrong there is more to this magical city than just casinos, drink until you drop, and playing roulette. Get yourself outdoors and smell the fresh air there are many trees you’ll find in Las Vegas.

Whether you are visiting the city or living in it, you can see some wonderful creations, makingthe living space stunning and better. You have the Mexican Fan Palm, the California Fan Palm, and Canary Date Palms to the Date Palm. What makes them so valuable is the not-so-friendly environment they grow in and needs extra special care.

With the correct maintenance, the trees make the city a better place to live in and add value to your property. This is where Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros come to your rescue. We can handle all your tree concerns, even if you have the world’s tallest tree!

Let Us Take Care of Your Palm Trees

If you want to add significance to your property, some trees in Las Vegas can pose a threat if not maintained. That is why it is important to uphold them properly to live a longer life. This helps improve the tree’s appearance, health and perk up the neighboringlandscaping. You do not want to land up with lawsuits on your hands. We can take care of all your pruning and Las Vegas tree removal needs.

Do you have the Mexican Fan Palm with its sleek and slender trunk that reaches a height of 75 feet? Alternatively, you may havethe California Fan Palm with a greater diameter. Perhaps you have the Canary Date Palm or the Date Palm with a rough trunk.No matter what tree you have in your yard each one needs special pruning, leaving several fronds in place to maintain their health.

We can help you prune them without harming their beauty.

What Makes Our Las Vegas Palm Maintenance Special?

Las Vegas Tree Removal Pros maintains not only your palm treeswe specialize in tree stump removal and removal of trees causing damage to your property. Whether you need a trimming service or removal of trees, you won’t find a better place to get the job done.

What makes us unique is that we believe in making Las Vegas a greener environment for you to live in. We always analyze the health of the tree before any removal or trimming. We are a certified company that knows the area regulations and offer you the best guidance.

In addition, to keep you covered we have insurance in place and if damage occurs, our insurer takes care of it. We trim any tree from the pine tree to the palm tree with us height has no limit contact us today.