Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas NV

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What can you say about Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, it has a little bit of everything for everyone, yet only a few miles west of Vegas it comprises of 195,000 acres of unspoiled countryside, and wildlife.



This is the start and finish of your trails and is full of information, you can find numerous exhibits from indoor to the many that are staged outside. Native plants that grow in the desert and the Desert Tortoise, you can be full of information before you set off on one of the many trails.

Hikes and Trails

With a total of 26 different trails that you can make your way along, rock outcrops to babbling brooks, they are all there, whatever form of geological wonders or wildlife you can think of, Red Rock Canyon has it all. You can climb up the steep elevations and the descent the other side for a real workout or you can go to the very depths of the canyons before the slow climb back to the top.

Rock Climbing

If you’re a budding or experienced climber, Red Rock can cater for you. Huge boulders and sheer rock faces, join the many climbers from around the world who take on the challenges that are Red Rock.

Red Rock Biking

This is another favorite getaway activity many people are undertaking. This can be a fantastic way to get amongst the wildlife as you pass down the one-way Scenic Drive. With designated bike trails and paved spur roads, you can make it as easy or as challenging as you like. Whatever path you take, you will be filled full of exhilaration. Get on out there, pedal power never became so thrilling.


If you want the howl of the wind ringing in your ears and want to make it an overnight trip. Red Rock has one designated campsite just a couple of miles from the visitor center. Watch those sunsets and the early morning sunrise. Just make sure you don’t forget to pack the toasting marshmallows


There are hundreds of photo spots for you to seek out and take those all-important vacation snaps and selfies. There is one slight restriction. If you want to take advantage of Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas for professional pictures or video, a permit is required.

Check out the information at the visitor’s center, the last thing you want is for your pictures to be taken in vain.

No matter what your reason for visiting Red Rock Canyon, you will find it awe-inspiring and breathtaking. It is nature at its best, and you can see how time has formed the local Las Vegas landscape into a thing of real beauty.

Red Rock Canyon is one tourist attraction that will never fade into obscurity.


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